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Lighting Ideas For Your Bathroom

When did you last change the lighting in your bathroom?

If the answer is never, then maybe if you have been thinking about a project for your home, this could be it.

Many of us simply have one light only in our bathroom and for most rooms, this is just not enough light to be able to see by properly, never mind create any sort of ambience or atmosphere in.

Even if your bathroom is tiny, we bet there is still room for more than one overhead lighting strip in it!

Traditionally, a lot of purpose built bathrooms and small toilet units will have very small windows – and perhaps in the cases of some extensions and new rooms – none at all.

This increases the need for really good lighting even more.

But, before you rush out and buy the strongest bulbs you can find – hold your horses.

Having more lighting in your bathroom does not mean casting an unholy glare over it. Far from it.

The look that you should be hoping to achieve will actually be with some very soft, focused lighting, which is easy on the eye and will gradually be layered to an overall harmonious effect.

So much bathroom lighting is of the very harsh and outdated variety. Perhaps it is a single bulb, blazing out rather unattractively in the centre of the room.

Probably, it does not emit the greatest light to see by and is not always up to the task of being able to shave by, or apply make up properly.

If you find yourself leaving the bathroom and going into other rooms to achieve such tasks, then your bathroom lighting has failed in its primary objective – which is to let you wash, dress and prepare adequately for the day ahead.

So, what is the solution?

Well first we start by dividing the lighting in your bathroom into three main groups;

Task lighting, decorative lighting and ambient lighting.


These are the most basic lights that you need, in order to see by properly, to complete tasks in your bathroom.

For example, if you are struggling to cut your toe nails, because it is too dark, then we would be looking at placing the right sort of light there so that you could see.


Some examples of task lighting might include a lit mirror. These could be lit by inbouwspots quite effectively.

A mirror with spotlights can not only look pretty, but also provide the right sort of lighting for applying make-up by.

But back to our toenail cutting problem! This could also be solved by employing the use of some inbouw plafondspots or built in ceiling spotlights, especially for such onerous tasks!


Decorative lighting is just that and the thing that the eye will be drawn to in your bathroom.


It may seem grand, but why not replace that faded old lampshade with a chandelier. This is guaranteed to draw the eye towards it and it will not dim the light that is coming from it one bit.

Other examples of decorative lighting may be pretty pendant lights or perhaps flush lighting.

However, take care when fitting new lighting solutions to your bathroom, as not all are suitable due to the steam and water.


And finally, we come to ambient lighting. This is something that is very often overlooked in the bathroom.

You may forget that, actually, the bathroom is a place to unwind and not only to get clean in.

Who wants to have a bath with a 100 watt light bulb blazing down over head?


In our opinion, nothing does ambient lighting better than spotlighting does.

And specific bathroom badkamer spots led do exist, which is the good news.

Better still, they can be dimmable too. Nowadays, LEDs can be made to work with a dimmer switch but they do need to be special ones, for example inbouw led spot dimbaar.

Furthermore, it is not only the ceiling where you might place these inbouw led verlichting or built in lights.

Nowadays, you can get baths with spotlights already fitted in them, for a cosy and dreamy soak. Visit https://www.ledinbouwspotsleds.nl/ for more details.