Get Your Business Featured

Lighthousead are compiling a directory of the best lighting solutions and shops to buy them from.

Are you interested in being featured in it? Of course you are!

With over 50000 online views per month, we are the site to place your business in.

And just to get in the directory, it is free – all you have to do is impress us!

Submissions are being taken now in various categories for our summer listings guide and will go on a first come first served basis. We do not guarantee that all listings will make it into print though!



Each brand may submit up to a twenty word listing and description, to include contact details and/or a website.


Shops may submit their listings of up to twenty five words, to include their business address and contact details. This may also include a small photograph.

As we stated, we do not promise to list each and every item, but we will try our best.

Please only send relevant listing details to us.

Do not swamp us with six page press releases! We will only bin them. We only want a simple description of your business and opening times.

Also, any spam or irrelevant or off topic submissions will also be ignored – this directory is for lighting only.

So that means makers of light bulbs, lampshades, lamps, lights, lighting and any accessories which may be reasonably classed as part of lighting.

We are not listing general home decor or furniture.

Please mark your submission to the “Listings Editor”.


For three lucky enterprises, we are offering the opportunity for to feature their business in a full page feature, this coming summer and autumn.

All we want at this early stage is some basic information about your shop, brand or online business.

We need to know the nature of your business, whether lighting is your only or main aspect and some personal details from you.

We would like to know how long you have been in business for and which locality you operate in.

We are especially interested in local businesses and companies which are part of a community.

Family firms and local legends are the type of businesses we are looking for, in this feature.

Please keep your submission brief, telling us everything we need to know in no more than 100 words and including one relevant photograph.

To enter, clearly mark your submission to the “Feature Editor”.

Good luck!