Window Dressing For Your Bathroom

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Once you have got your artificial lighting sorted in your bathroom, the next thing to look at is the natural light that is coming into it.

A lot of bathrooms only have very small windows, for privacy reasons.

This can make it very hard to get as much sunshine into your bath times as you may like.

For that reason, we do not want to completely block out the only source of daylight with heavy drapes or dark colours.

There may be also other considerations when it comes to the type of window dressings in a bathroom. Namely that of water and steam.

So which window dressings allow in adequate light, won’t be ruined by water and can still give you enough privacy?



Blinds make a popular choice in bathrooms for many reasons.

They can be waterproof – made from either plastic, wood or metal.

They can be tilted to allow light to come in and still not allow anyone from outside to see in.


Although when fully unfurled, a roller blind will block out all potential light, these may still be a consideration.

Roller blinds can come in waxed materials, which are resistant to getting wet.


As a variation on roller blinds, if you don’t want a complete black out, then a sheer blind can offer you the compromise between daylight and privacy that you yearn for.


Likewise, a Roman blind, or shade, may look decorative as well as providing some privacy in your bathroom.

With differing thicknesses and materials on choice, you can decide exactly how much of a layered effect you want to build up.


Finally, if you are on the lookout for a material which will not soak or gather mould, why not consider a pair of vinyl curtains?

These can also be made to match your shower curtain easily.